Five BL series you can watch with your family

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Asian BL series are becoming very popular nowadays. This has helped to the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community.
As fans of this genre know, many of these stories are designed to show how difficult it is for the protagonists to realize that they are homosexual, making it very hard for them to accept themselves or to get their family and friends to accept them. In this way, these series show the reality of many boys and girls who go through this process of acceptance that is so important in their lives. The message that predominates in each of these series is one of acceptance and respect, either for themselves or for others. 
It should be noted that these series are recommended for family viewing because they could be categorized as “soft”, as they show a sweet romance without the need for scenes of physical intimacy, so you can feel free to invite any family member or friend to watch one of the series mentioned below.

1. Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again serie bl
Photo by Studio Wabi Sabi
Intouch (Earth Katsamonnat) is a cheerful boy with lots of friends. Korn (Kao Noppakao), on the other hand, is quite the opposite, solitary and serious. Despite their differences, Intouch approaches him with the intention of winning him over, and although Korn rejects him at first, he can’t help but fall in love with him, so they decide to start dating. But tragedy is not long in coming. When their parents find out about their relationship they try to separate them, and in the middle of a big argument, tears and screams, two shots can be heard.
Thirty years later, Pharm (Fluke Natouch) and Dean (Ohm Thitiwat) meet at the university. Both have lived with the feeling that they miss someone and as soon as their eyes meet, they fall in love. Despite this, the past insists on returning, and as their relationship begins, small fragments of memories come back to them, so Dean decides to look into them. Will they finally be able to live their love in peace?
Episodes: 17
Platforms: Viki and YouTube

2. The Eclipse

The Eclipse serie bl
Photo by GMMTV

The prestigious Suppalo school is a school for boys with strict rules. In this place is famous the legend that in every solar eclipse all students who do not obey the rules suffer the consequences of the Suppalo curse. Ayan (Khaotung Thanawat) is the nephew of one of the teachers at this school, who unfortunately committed suicide. To find answers to the sudden death of his uncle, Ayan decides to transfer to Suppalo. This is where he meets Akk (First Kanaphan), the president of the school’s prefects club, who are responsible for making sure all students follow the rules. By the nature of their actions and purposes, Ayan and Akk do not get along.

On the other hand, there are protests by three students who do not agree with Suppalo’s rules and who are fighting for their rights. In the midst of chaos, feelings flourish and Ayan and Akk must choose sides based on their beliefs.

Episodes: 12

Platform: YouTube

3. I Will Knock You

I will knock you serie bl
Photo by Broadcast Thai Television
Thi (Bom Thanawat), a college student who has a part-time job as a tutor, decides to defend one of his students against Noey (Tar Atiwat), the leader of a known gang. Due to his act of courage and a subsequent disastrous encounter with him, he gets into trouble by becoming Noey’s target. 
Afterwards, they meet repeatedly and Noey begins to think that Thi is in love with him even though Thi tries to tell him several times that he is not and that what he really feels for him is fear.
When everything seems settled and apparently their paths will never cross again, fate decides to bring them together again, this time as tutor and student.
Episodes: 12
Platforms: Viki and GagaOOLala

4. Vice Versa

Viceversa serie bl
Photo by GMMTV
Talay (Sea Tawinan) is a recent graduate who’s about to get his dream job, but unfortunately, he has an accident before he gets it. Upon awakening, he realizes that he is in the body of a boy named Tess and that he is also in an alternate dimension. Frightened and wanting to return to his world, he meets Puwadol, who tells him that she went through the same thing as him and that there is a way to return if he finds his “portkey”. 
On hearing this, Talay starts looking for Tun (Jimmy Jitaraphol), who seems to be important in Tess’s life, but upon finding him, he realizes that he is a person from his world trapped in Tun’s body. With this strange coincidence in their lives, they begin to spend time together and look for a way back to their world.
Episodes: 12
Platforms: Youtube and Viki

5. 2gether

2gether serie bl
Photo by GMMTV
Tine (Win Metawin) is a handsome guy who’s been in numerous relationships, but unfortunately, none of the girls seem to be the right one. Now that he’s in college, he decides to join the cheerleading team to find his soul mate. What he didn’t count on was the confession of Green, a boy who claims to be in love with him and who also decides to flirt with him until he agrees to be his boyfriend.
Tine, having repeatedly tried to turn him down, is left with no choice but to pretend that he has a boyfriend. To implement his plan he asks Sarawat for help (Bright Vachirawit), the most popular guy in college. In this fake couple, can true feelings flourish?
Episodes: 12
Platform: Viki
Each of these stories has its sweetness and message of support to those who are going through similar situations. 
If you’re going through this acceptance process and need to tell your loved ones how you feel, a good way to do that is to watch one of these shows with them. This way you can prepare them for the news and have a good argument that affirms that love is love, regardless of gender.
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