GMMTV series disappear from YouTube!

Series de la GMMTV desaparecen de YouTube
Photo by GMMTV

GMMTV series disappear from YouTube. Earlier this summer, many BL fans realized that two of GMMTV’s quintessential series were no longer available on YouTube. These series are 2gether and My School President. Now we’ll tell you the reason. GMMTV has decided to sell the international broadcasting rights to these two dramas to the streaming platform Viki. How does this affect fans who want to watch the series? Let’s get to it.

On YouTube, you can watch the series for free, with some commercials, unless you have YouTube Premium. However, on Viki, although at the moment the episodes of both series are available to watch for free, also having to watch commercials (more than on YouTube), it is possible that at some point they are no longer free and you must subscribe to watch them. The good thing is, in that case, it would save you from seeing the ads. 

On the other hand, fans found it more convenient, quick, and easy to watch the series directly from YouTube, a platform they spend more time on and are more accustomed to using. Finally, the subtitles. On both platforms, subtitles are made by fans, so it depends on the amount of work and the time they have, subtitles can be ready the day after the premiere of an episode.

Viki Rakuten
Photo by Viki Rakuten

What worries the fans is that the rest of the production companies will do the same. Nowadays Viki offers a wide range of BL, and although this can be seen as positive since a large platform is interested in it and seems committed to BL, it also reduces the chances of consuming this content in a free and simple way.

 What do you think about GMMTV taking these series off YouTube? Do you prefer to watch the series on YouTube or on another streaming platform? Leave us your answer in the comments.


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