Kinn Porsche, dubbed in Spanish!

Kinn Porshe doblado al español
Photo by Be On Cloud

It seems that the Thai BL drama Kinn Porsche has crossed borders, and has done so without a doubt. This drama produced by Be On Cloud and premiered on April 2, 2022, is about Kinn Theerapanyakul (Mile Phakphum), the second son of a mafia boss, who flees from an enemy, leading him to meet Porsche (Apo Nattawin), an enterprising young waiter. Porsche agrees to help defend Kinn from his attackers for a price.

Porsche’s martial arts skills impressed him, and encouraged by his father, Kinn tries to hire Porsche as one of his bodyguards. Porsche opposes and rejects Kinn’s offer despite his attempts at intimidation. It is not until Porsche’s family home and his ability to care for his brother are threatened that he consents and moves into the Theerapanyakul property.

The transition to this unorthodox and violent new work is not easy, and his relationship with Kinn oscillates between tense and playful. When his feelings for Kinn take an unexpected turn, his work becomes even more important.

Kinn Porshe doblado al español
Photo by Be On Cloud

As it turns out, the platform where the drama is available, iQiyi, has included Kinn Porsche dubbed in Spanish. Perfect for those who don’t like to read subtitles, want to watch the show while doing other tasks, or just get an idea of what their favorite characters sound like “speaking in Spanish”.

That a platform the size of iQiyi includes this possibility in its billboard is proof of the large number of international fans that this BL has, but especially fans from Spanish-speaking countries.

Well, what do you say? What do you think of this version dubbed into Spanish, will you watch it? Do you prefer to watch the series in its original version with subtitles? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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