LEO and Yorch under the same label?

LEO and Yorch under the same label
Photo by 131 Label and Grid Entertainment
LEO and Yorch under the same agency? Well, you could say yes, albeit with nuances. LEO, in July, signed a contract with the agency 131 Label, created by the talented B.I, who was president of the same until this year. And Yorch, who recently signed a contract with the rookie agency GRID Entertainment. But, if they are two different agencies, why could we say that they are under the same agency? For this, we have to understand what happened with 131 Label.
131 Label was created by B.I., but on February 3 of this year, the agency announced that changes would be made to the management team. From that moment on, B.I would leave his position as director to fully focus on his musical career. Then he handed over the management of the company to a team of professionals with experience in the sector who would help in the development and growth of 131 Label.
LEO and Yorch under the same label
Photo by 131 Label
In July, GRID Entertainment was created, a company established by professionals with experience in the K-pop industry who have worked with artists from YG and SM. This company announced its partnership with 131 Label, and did so through CEO Sim (131 Label): “131 will be incorporated as a subsidiary label and fortified as a specialized label for solo artists. Throughout this process, we will prioritize maintaining its independence while providing comprehensive support for the recruitment and development of exceptional artists.”
Thus, although Yorch and LEO are not in the same agency as such, both artists could be said to be under the label GRID Entertainment, as 131 Label is a subsidiary of GRID. Both LEO and Yorch have already released music under these agencies, so you can give them your support.
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