OMEGA X is already under a new agency!

Omega X nueva agencia
Photo by Spire Entertainment

OMEGA X is already under a new agency!

On July 3, a representative of IPQ Entertainment announced the following: 

“We have signed an exclusive contract with OMEGA X […] We are delighted to work with OMEGA X. Our agency will not only support them in their activities as a group, but will also expand the individual work of the members in various fields such as acting, musicals, radio and television shows, and in activities such as musical soloists and units.”

The agency also added:

“We will protect members through final legal action without any agreement or leniency against intentional slander or defamation of OMEGA X.”

IPQ Entertainment produced the web drama A Shoulder to Cry On, starring OMEGA X members Jeahan and Yechan. This means that by signing an exclusive contract with OMEGA X, IPQ Entertainment will expand its activities to those of a K-Pop agency, adding these to the production of webtoons, games, and web dramas, already produced in the past.

Congratulations to every member of OMEGA X for not giving up and fighting for their dream!

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