The biggest Thai BL production companies

BL tailandés
Photo by Mandee Work, GMMTV, Studio Wabi Sabi and MeMindY

Which are the biggest Thai BL production companies? The BL industry is growing more and more, and gradually it is expanding, causing different countries in Asia to start producing dramas belonging to this genre, such as South Korea. But the country that is undoubtedly the cradle of this wonderful world is Thailand.

The quantity of BL productions that are made in the country of smiles is now higher than any other, as is their quality. And not only that, around these dramas a great industry of fashion, advertising and music has been created, thus raising the popularity of this genre. And although there are many producers working in this genre, most of them rookies, others older are the pillars of the BL, and it is to them that this article is addressed.


GMMTV BL tailandés
Photo by GMMTV
Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest production companies. Belonging to the Thai entertainment conglomerate GMM Grammy, GMMTV is a subsidiary production company of television content that is broadcast on GMM25 and One31. Their first BL dates back to 2016 and is the drama SOTUS. It was so successful that in 2017 the second season was released. Since then GMMTV has reaped a large number of hits within the BL genre.

2. Mandee Work

Mandee Work BL tailandés
Photo by Mandee Work
This production company, born in 2020, made the leap into the Thai BL world with a blockbuster, Why R U?. It then took about two years to release the next drama, Cutie Pie, which, like its predecessor, was a hit. Since then the pace has picked up and has been producing and releasing more BL dramas (some currently on air), which are expected to have nothing to envy to the previous ones.

3. MeMindY

MeMindY BL tailandés
Photo by MeMindY
This Thai BL production company is peculiar. Its creator is MAME, a writer of BL novels, many of which have been adapted into series, the latest of which were produced by her own company. Both her novels and her series are very famous. Their first production was Tharntype, a drama that is on the TOP BL list. She has since continued to adapt her novels, and although the number of projects they produce is smaller, they are often acclaimed by fans.

4. Studio Wabi Sabi

Studio Wabi Sabi BL tailandés
Photo by Studio Wabi Sabi
Studio Wabi Sabi produced one of the best-known and first-ever Thai BLs, Love by Chance, adapted from one of MAME’s novels. This drama is surely the one that initiated many fans into this world. And this is not the only drama they have produced. Since then they have continued to produce BL as the acclaimed Until We Meet Again.

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