TOP BL dramas according to fans

TOP dramas BL
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Is there a list of TOP BL dramas? The world of BL (Boys Love) is full of subgenres, and it is a theme that has not stopped growing in recent years, especially in Asian countries. This diversity that sustains the BL tries to adapt to the different tastes of the spectators because what some like should not necessarily be liked by everyone. 

Having said that, you could say that there is a list of BL series, which while not everyone has to like, have been acclaimed by a lot of fans, so if you are new to this genre, they are shows you should definitely watch.

1. TharnType

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A child abuse victim named Type Thiwat (Gulf Kanawut) has some very intense feelings when it comes to other men. After turning his hatred of his abuser into a widespread hatred of all members of the LGTBQIA+ community, Type has little trouble befriending other men; but he can’t stand anyone who identifies as gay. 

He is now a freshman at college and Type is ready to fully embrace this new chapter of his life. An avid football fan, a lover of spicy food, and a friendly guy, Type has never had trouble making friends and is sure his college experience will be great. But when his new roommate Tharn Kirigun (Mew Suppasit) comes into his life, all of Type’s dreams of a great college experience are delayed. Openly gay, Tharn is everything Type has hated over the years. Determined to force Tharn out of the bedroom, Type does everything in his power to do so, but to no avail. 

Refusing to yield to Type’s open hostility, Tharn stands firm. With no choice but to accept their fate, Type and Tharn move into the same room. Will spending more time together ease the tension between them or just make things worse?

Episodes: 12

Platforms: Viki, Line TV, iQiyi and Netflix (depending on region)

2. Kinn Porsche

Kinn Porshe doblado al español
Photo by Be On Cloud

The second son of a mafia boss, Kinn Theerapanyakul (Mile Phakphum), flees from an enemy when he meets Porsche (Apo Nattawin), an enterprising young waiter. Porsche agrees to help defend Kinn from his attackers for a price. 

Porsche’s martial arts skills impressed him, and encouraged by his father, Kinn looks to hire Porsche as one of his bodyguards. Porsche opposes and rejects Kinn’s offer despite his attempts at intimidation. It is not until Porsche’s family home and his ability to care for his brother are threatened that he consents and moves into the Theerapanyakul property. 

The transition to this unorthodox and violent new work is by no means easy, and his relationship with Kinn is between tense and playful. When his feelings for Kinn take an unexpected turn, his work becomes even more important.

Episodes: 14
Platform: iQiyi

3. Why R U?

Photo by Domundi

Zon (Tommy Sittichok) is a college student and rising science fiction writer who dreams of getting a publishing contract and writing bestsellers. However, it is not he who receives online attention for his writings, but his younger sister, whose BL novels have become a sensation on the Internet. Zon’s best friend is Tutor (Saint Suppapong), an industrious engineering student from a once wealthy family, but now living through tough times, needing to borrow from bad companions to survive.


The two friends have a rivalry with the other male students. Tutor often comes into conflict with Fighter (Zee Pruk), an indifferent and somewhat aggressive senior student. Meanwhile, Zon’s enemy, Saifah (Jimmy Karn), is a popular musician, but he tends to be aggressive with Zon when they meet.


Things get weird when these two antagonistic relationships threaten to become romantic. Additionally, Zon discovers that his sister’s BL novel is actually based on him and Saifah. Therefore, he demands her to remove the story from the Internet. She says she’ll obey if it’s true that there’s nothing between them. But if he’s lying, she warns him there will be consequences, the novel becoming real.

Episodes: 13
Platform: Viki

4. 2gether

Photo by GMMTV

Tine (Win Metawin) is a handsome college student and cheerleader, while Sarawat (Bright Vachirawit) is one of the most popular guys on campus and a star at football and music clubs. When Tine is pursued by Green (Korawit Boonsri), whose feelings he does not share, he ends up asking Sarawat to pretend to be dating him to scare Green away.

Little by little, in a history as old as time, the claim begins to become reality. However, before there can be a “happy ever after”, there must be the process of falling in love, and the imminent realization that you are no longer pretending. Somehow, they don’t want to.

Episodes: 13
Platforms: Netflix, YouTube (not anymore) Viki (depending on region)

5. Love By Chance

Love By Chance
Photo by Studio Wabi Sabi

Pete (Saint Suppapong) is a handsome, wealthy college student who is incredibly shy. His shyness comes from his attempt to hide that he’s gay. One day, Pete is run over by a boy on his bike. The good-hearted boy, named Ae (Perth Tanapon), apologizes and helps him to get up.

In the past, those Pete trusted often used him for his wealth. Ae now intervenes so that his “friends” do not take advantage of Pete. Eventually, Ae takes care of Pete and protects him from the world. Somewhere between his intense closeness and soft shared touches, Ae develops feelings for Pete that go beyond friendship.

Pete doesn’t want Ae to know the pain of being ridiculed for dating a man, so he ignores his feelings for Ae. But Pete falls more and more in love with the boy on the bike with a good heart, who once hit him by pure chance.

Episodes: 14
Platforms: Viki, Netflix, and Studio Wabi Sabi (YouTube) (depending on region)

How many of these TOP BL dramas have you seen and what do you think? Which ones are you left to see? Are there any other series that you consider should be included on the list? Tell us in the comments!


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